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Thing 5: RSS-Feedly

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It has been a crazy summer.  I had a million and one things on my to-do list, and now I sit and realize the summer is almost over and I feel like I’ve barely accomplished any of the things on my list.  This post needed this additional information because…

I had actually been wanting to learn about RSS and figure out how it worked! Yeah!  Doing my little happy dance both inside and out…no photo or video to be provided.  Sorry.

In my years of educational experience, RSS is something that I have often seen but was uncertain about.  I have found some very interesting things in just the one day…I know I’m behind in my course work…but this is something that will definitely change the way I teach and learn.  In doing what was asked of me, adding the links to 10 different sources I was provided with over 100 articles to look through.  I think my favorite way of viewing is through cards.  I think this has to do with my experience with Pinterest.  Of the over 100 articles I chose to save 42, yes-I went back and counted because I was curious to know the amount.  I love that I could read a blurb about the article, weed out a lot of things didn’t look interesting to me at the time, and could save things to look at later.

This is my article that I am choosing to share as it pertains to me and my job as an elementary library media specialist.

This is something that I actually read about earlier this summer and was so excited to see the reminder of it again!  I was a high school library media specialist before switching to 3-5 grades for the upcoming school year.  I have a GoodReads and I was doing another happy dance when I found out that there was something similar available for my new students!  Can’t wait to share it with my new faculty and students, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

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